Who Needs Lifeline?

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“I'll be right there!” is not always possible but peace of mind is.

Living at home for as long as possible is a goal that most of us share, but as we age, changes occur in our ability to function mentally and physically, making it a challenge to remain at home. These changes often necessitate thinking through next steps and taking action, such as installing safety devices and getting support when needed.

Caregiving for a family member or friend isn't an easy task these days. Life's fast pace makes it harder to balance everyday commitments to work and family. You want to be there as much as possible, yet studies have shown that hour after hour of continuous caregiving can lead to exhaustion and depression - and actually jeopardizing the security of your loved one.

Today, family members aren't as likely to live nearby each other, so 'sharing the caring' can be more difficult. Plus, the cost of paying someone to watch your elderly parent, senior relative, or other loved one can really add up, even if it's only for a short time.

Who needs Columbia Medical Alarm?

Developing a plan for the future can be difficult, but not having a plan can be more costly, and cause more heartache. That's Columbia Medical Alarm is sponsoring the Independent Living Assessment for older adults and their families to plan for the future while continuing independent living at home.

Columbia Medical Alarm, Inc. – 503-626-1684