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Our medical alarm systems help provide the safety and freedom you deserve.

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We cannot prevent a medical incident, injury or fall, but what we can provide are alert services that give peace of mind for everyone involved. Our solution-based approach supplies innovative technologies that effectively connect to the area’s Emergency Response Systems (ERS) when an emergency occurs.

Woman running while wearing medical alert device

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When you call Columbia Medical Alarm, you’ll actually talk with our local staff members. Our in-depth knowledge, along with 35-plus years of experience in the industry, provide the information you need to make the right decision. We help our customers through the installation and activation process.

“I am dedicated to deliver the newest technology in the industry to provide the best solutions for the client’s safety, peace of mind, and reassurance.”

Barbara Crawford, President – Columbia Medical Alarm, Inc

Get More Out of Life

Medical alert provides safety, peace of mind

Access to help 24 hours a day

Helps older adults maintain their independence

Cost effective solution for providing quick assistance

Gives families a way to safeguard their loved ones

Trusted by doctors, hospitals and caregivers

From Our Customers

❝It’s been a comfort knowing my Columbia Medical alarm system is there for me, and it gives my friends and family security knowing I’ll get help when I need it. I believe it is the least expensive insurance you can have.❞

— Mabel in Beaverton, Oregon

❝Dear members of Columbia Medical — A shout of praise for all of you! (The paramedics came to pick me up and family was notified) I praise the Lord for you all.❞

— Betty in Portland, Oregon

❝Thank you so much for the service, you may save my life someday.❞

— Dorothy in Montana